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About Komotree

About Komotree

Hello!!  My name is Melissa and my journey that led me to starting Komotree began in 2015.  I had previously been diagnosed with auto-immune issues, but in 2015 I was having difficulty conceiving because I was also diagnosed with pre-ovarian failure.  I started to research about how the food we eat affects us and started down the journey of eating more organic and healthier options to try to improve my health.  This got expensive pretty quickly and I started couponing to save money.  I eventually started a natural and organic deals blog to help share deals so that others like me could save money while trying to eat healthier.

As I worked on my blog and delved more into this, I became more conscious of my impact on the world, especially as it pertains to plastic pollution and waste.  In addition, the impact of plastic on our health was very alarming and to learn that that certain chemicals in plastic can cause fertility issues really made me question if my fertility issues were related to this (read more here about why plastic is bad for our environment and our health).  I started to reduce my plastic consumption and tried to avoid plastic whenever I could.  I had already been using glass containers but the one thing that still bothered me were the plastic lids.  I began to research options for completely plastic free containers and found a manufacturer that could produce these glass containers with bamboo lids for me.  I wanted to share and make these plastic free glass containers available for others who are also looking to take small steps to helping the environment and their Komotree was born.

Right now, it's just me working on the business with my little helper and we just have one product - but I hope to be able to expand to add more eco-friendly and sustainable products in the future.  I hope you will support my small business and if you have any feedback or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  I would love to hear from you!